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Where Do The Two Recent Proposals Stand?


Jasbinder Singh

On February 19th, the Town received two proposals for the development of the downtown. It is time for you to review the proposals. You can view the summaries here and you can use the link here to view them from the town’s website.

  • Link to Both Proposals (on the Town Website)

The proposals are substantially different from each other. The Comstock proposal conforms to the rezoning approved in 2014 and 2015 under Mayor Merkel and more in line with the height and mass projected in the 4-Part series on Herndon’s Fight for a Small Town Feel (click here to view Part-4 of the Series). The Stout & Teague proposal is more line with the density and form proposed for the Downtown Master Plan.

Comstock Proposal: Except for a stretch of Center Street, Comstock proposes to build 54’ high buildings along all streets. Comstock proposes to build 280 dwelling units (apartments), an 18,000 sq ft Art Center, 20,000 sq ft of retail along Elden and Station streets and a 766 car garage. It will feature English Basements along Center street. It will dominate the downtown with building masses larger than that of the disapproved Diamond Hotel along all streets. (Sketches provided with the proposals do not accurately portray the “massiveness” of the proposed structures.

Stout and Teague Proposal: This proposal features a 4-story hotel on the former Ashwell property, an 18,000 sq ft Art Center along with 3,500 sq ft office and 9,500 sq ft of retail space in one commercial building along Station Street, 18-22 townhouses along Center and Vine Streets, a 60 unit 3-4 story condo building on the current Art Space lot and a 450-475 public shared parking space.

The two proposals should have very different financial implications. You may want to think “free” Art Center for a moment and then click the “Free” Art Center article.

Please feel free to send in your comments using this website. The Town is still asking for clarifications from the developers and has not asked for comments from the public.

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